JABCT offers accreditation for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapists, Supervisors, Trainers and Psychological Wellbeing practitioners. JABCT also accredits CBT training courses at two levels. To the right you will find information relevant to all categories of accreditation.Below you will find information specific to each categories of accreditation including application forms and a guide to completing the application process.


General Information

CBT Therapists must fulfill the JABCT’s five accreditation criteria to become an Accredited JABCT. Cognitive and/or Behavioral Therapist. This indicates you meet JABCT national standards for CBT training and practice. To maintain Accreditation as the JABCT Cognitive and/or Behavioral Therapist the JABCT’s criteria for continuing supervised clinical practice and professional development must be met on an annual basis.

Conditions of JABCT Accreditation

Accredited JABCT Cognitive and/or Behavioral Therapists must meet the conditions of accreditation.Qualified and accredited International Cognitive and /or Behavioral Therapist must meet the conditions of accreditation in Japan. Accredited JABCT's Cognitive and/or Behavioral Therapist List.
The accreditation status of JABCT members is listed in the JABCT Member List on our Website. Your name, JABCT membership number and accreditation status will be available to the public.

JACBT Practitioners List

Accredited JACBT Cognitive and/or Behavioral Therapist can register their contact and practice details and areas of specialty on the JACBT Practitioner List. This searchable database of CBT practitioners is freely available to the public to assist them with locating Accredited CBT Practitioners. Please complete the JACBT Practitioners List application form if you would like to register your details.