The Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a core competency of JABCT Worldwide. Our client organizations make available to their employees and their immediate family the professional services which comprise an EAP. Individuals can access expert face-to-face assistance "off-site", in our offices during work hours or via telephone 24/7. In some cases employees will be referred to other specialists.

The strategic benefits of the EAP in relation to Human Resource Risk Management and Health Services essentially amount to developing:

An ability to anticipate change,

A resilience to cope with the pace and complexity of change,

A capability to generate innovative and alternative solutions to take advantage of opportunities and meet the changing market conditions.

On the short-term operational side this translates to higher efficiency, productivity and quality, as well as lower turnover of valuable workers.

JABCT Worldwide programs answer the needs of organizations on three levels. These programs:

Offer protection against the downside of HR associated risks.

Form part of a Company’s overall policy-driven approach to Human Resource Management.

Enable companies to fulfill a broad employee focused strategy and to be recognized as an "employer of choice". JABCT and our worldwide alliance provides EAP for our Japanese client organizations and local subsidiary who are unfolding into international markets.

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