JABCT is a national, multi-disciplinary incorporated organization for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Japan. Membership of the JABCT is open to anybody with recognized tertiary qualifications in nurses, counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and other health professionals as well as students and trainees or areas of expertise where change of behavior and/or cognitions is relevant. JABCT is the only association which accredits CBT therapists. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the practice, theory or development of CBT. Membership makes you part of the CBT community - whether you are a CBT user, a therapist or interested in mental health issues.

Menber Benefits

By joining the JABCT you will be entitled to many benefits, including:

Workshops: The JABCT sponsors a number of workshops and seminars presented by well-known international, interstate and local guests. These events are available to members at greatly reduced rates.

Conferences: Advanced notice of the National JABCT Conference held annually in Japan with the opportunity to attend at reduced rates is provided to members. In addition, advanced notice for other relevant conferences both nationally and internationally is made available to members.

Local events: Each state branch holds local events regularly throughout the year. These events take a variety of formats from pub discussions, presentations, master classes, supervision groups and social events.

Accreditation as a JABCT Cognitive and/or Behavioral Therapist.: Members of JABCT who meet the JABCT’s national standards for CBT training and practice can apply for Accreditation as a Cognitive and/or Behavioral Therapist. Accredited JABCT Cognitive and/or Behavioral Therapists must meet the JABCT’s criteria for continuing supervised clinical practice and professional development on an annual basis to maintain accreditation.

JABCT Practitioner List: Accredited JABCT Cognitive and/or Behavioral Therapists can register their details and areas of specialty on the JABCT Practitioner List. This searchable database of CBT practitioners is freely available to the public to assist them with locating Accredited JABCT Practitioners.

Newsletter: Receive the regular newsletter Baseline which provides members with information on a number of topics of interest including: upcoming workshops and seminars, local, national and international conferences; news of research being conducted by our members; and literature reviews. It also keeps members up to date with National Association issues.

Membership Fee *(2012v. TBA)

Membership Fee          Annual Fee/JPN               Note

Regular Member                 12000                 

Fellow Member                    10000                   

Student Member                   6000                       

Affiliate Members              

Organization                       100,000/share      

Personal Member                8000                       2000/entrance fee


*Student members are not eligible to vote in meetings of the Association

*No required renewal fee

*This is tentative plan as of 2012/Feb.